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Game of Words is a game, the 1st prototype of which has been initiated in the Innovalangues projects. Its rules would put it in the “riddle game” genre with games such as Taboo or Time's up!. To provide the players with more playing opportunities, it was made asynchronous. 3 roles can be played:

  • Oracle: given a card (cf. figure), s⋅he shall record a definition without using forbidden words;
  • Druide: listens to the oracles' recordings and validates both the technical quality (audible sound) and the respect of the rules (no forbidden words);
  • Augur: listens to a druid validated oracle recording and shall find the word.


The aim of the game is to make the learners aware that they don't have to know every single words they need to use to make the sense available to their interlocutor. It targets fluency by developing the strategic competence. The druids work is mainly oral comprehension (aided by the context provided by the card). The augur does not have context and works on lexicon as well as oral comprehension.

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2014–2016 Logo-Investissements d'avenir.svgLogo-gamer.svg The first versions of Game of Words were implemented in the GAMER work package of the Innovalangues project
2016–2019 775-Fist-41490.svg

Any subsequent work was done autonomously.